Early & Unique Raleigh Bicycles

1933 Raleigh Sloping Top Tube Roadster

1933 Raleigh Sloping Top Tube Popular Light Roadster

Three-Speed Sturmey Archer K2 Hub

22″ Frame

26″ Wheels (Tyres 26 x 1 1/2)

Original Paint and Transfers

Raleigh Inflator Pump

(Now sold)

This 79-year-old Raleigh Roadster with sloping top tube is in very good original condition. It was designed for riders who liked a sporty look but needed a road bike rather than a racer. With the option of Sturmey Archer three speed gears, it sold for £5 19/- 6d in 1933.

Raleigh was a world leader by the early twenties. In 1932, Sir Harold Bowden retired from Raleigh after many years of strong leadership and devotion to the company and the world of cycling. Production was 62,000 cycles a year. Raleigh survived the Great Depression well and acquired Humber cycles in 1932. In 1933, when this bicycle was made, Raleigh introduced their three-wheeler car. In 1934 Raleigh reverted to public company status, as Raleigh Cycle Holdings Ltd, with a share issue of more than £2m (about £65m today). So this bicycle was purchased when the company was at its peak. My friend bought this bike from the original owner. On sale it will be serviced so it will be ready for you to put on your boater and blazer (or hacking jacket and flat cap) and enjoy some classic 1930s cycling.






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