Early & Unique Raleigh Bicycles

1960s Raleigh Al Mulhim Arabian Bicycle

1960s Raleigh Al Mulhim

Arabian Bicycle

Frame # 842006

18″ Frame

21″ Wheels

Raleigh exported their bicycles worldwide, and had factories in many different countries. Of course, not many of them find their way back here. It would be interesting to know the history of this one.

This bicycle has an attractive ‘heavy-duty’ design, set off perfectly by the sand tyres. Shame it’s too small for me to ride, as it looks like a very practical machine to thrash over the fields.

There is no info at all on the internet regarding Raleigh bicycles in the Middle East. I have some old friends who lived for many years in obscure locations around the world. Over the years, I visited them in Borneo and Ras Al Khaimah. Now they’re back in England I’m hoping I can encroach upon our friendship and see if they’ll make some enquiries for me about Raleigh’s Arabian bicycles.

I’ll update this page as any further information filters in.